ACE Club Q&A With Adam Bridgland

I last caught up with artist Adam Bridgland in May last year for ACE Club's ‘The Art of Staying Home’ series. At that time, he explained that the lockdown was enabling him to spend much more time in his home studio and that this was proving to liberating experience for him. I was delighted to get the opportunity to follow up with Adam, to discuss his many wonderful projects and achievements in 2020 and to find out what he has in store for 2021.

Every Morning Ive Got A New Chance by Adam Bridgland

I am thrilled to see your uplifting piece ‘My Favourite Colour Is Rainbow’ for sale in the V and A Museum. The rainbow image resonates with so many different groups. How did this come about, and what was your original inspiration behind the work?

The rainbow work came from a show in London in 2018.  Since its creation, it has always been a universally liked image and phrase but with what has happened over the last year it has taken on a life of itself.  I was hugely honoured to be approached by the V and A and to be asked to create a new edition for their V and A Select series and the collection.  I saw it almost as the culmination of the rainbow works as a project, particularly as this was the first full-screen print of the rainbow pieces.  For the work, each layer was hand-printed on to Tru-grain before being exposed on to screen for printing.

My Favourite Colour is Rainbow by Adam Bridgland

My Favourite Colour Is Rainbow by Adam Bridgland 

You have also recently had a wonderful commission with University College London Hospitals, can you tell us a little about that?

During lockdown 1, Guy Noble, the curator at the UCLH Arts & Heritage Programme, asked me to organise a number of colouring sheets from artists that could be distributed throughout the wards of the hospital and used as a form of escape for the staff working long hours at the hospital.  The response was hugely positive and after getting a grant we were able to collate the individual works into a set and book entitled Colour.  These have been enjoyed throughout the year by both staff and patients.

UCLH Commission 2

UCLH Commission by Adam Bridgland

A lot of your sign work can be found outside of the gallery space in the landscape. What drives you to create these works?

I like the idea of people who are not expecting to see an artwork as they go about their daily routine to suddenly be confronted by an artwork/phrase within a landscape.  We kind of know what we are going to expect in a gallery, but not on a beach, or in a field for example. The landscape is the big part of these works, I am just channelling people's thoughts, I want people to stop and think for a moment.  I think the outdoors has become so precious to us and a lot of the work is just presenting this view to us.  We already know this but along the way, until recently we had forgotten how powerful being out in the wilderness is.

Look At The Sky by Adam Bridgland

Look at The Sky by Adam Bridgland

What are you working on at the moment?

My first project for the year is to launch two new and exclusive colourways of my work 'Making Eyes Across the Room' with ACE Club. They will have a glitter finish. I am really excited about this, as it will be the first new colourways of this print for a couple of years.  

I'll then move on to completing the work for my upcoming solo show. Unfortunately, the date keeps changing due to the pandemic, but fingers crossed it will now be at the Jealous Gallery in Shoreditch this September.

Making Eyes Across a Room Turquoise

Making Eyes Across The Room in Turquoise with Glitter Overlay (Click here to view in Adams store)

How have you managed to keep your practice going during the various interruptions throughout the last ten months? What advice would you give to other artists that are perhaps feeling disengaged or uninspired?

I think making art has been an escape for me.  I have two little children and making work and engaging with them has been really exciting and has refreshed my practice.  A lot of the time, the starting point is going for a walk and taking photographs to give me some inspiration. and then building these studies into other work in the studio.

My advice for other artists would be that the work doesn't have to be the best you have ever made, but continue creating and this will allow you the headspace to think again and move forward.

Happy Each Brighter by Adam Bridgland

Happy Each Brighter by Adam Bridgland (Click here to view in Adam's store)


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