ACE Club Q&A with Shuby

Shuby began creating street art in 2007 and has since pasted her collaged posters in many destinations around the world from New York, London, Paris and Sydney to the abandoned worlds of Doel, Belgium and Teufelsberg spy station, Berlin. Shuby has an instantly recognisable style and is now based in her studio in Hastings where she continues to paint, make print editions and work on commissions. I caught up with Shuby hoping to glean some more personal insights from her, and also to see how she is navigating the current situation here in the UK.

Shoreditch paste up

Has lockdown affected you and the way you work? 

Yes, it has. It has allowed me to take more time with my work and also due to getting a grant, I now have silk screen equipment for my studio which I didn't have before. My first silk screen print edition completed in my new set up is a print celebrating the iconic Eartha Kitt as Cat Woman. 

Have you been able to get out and about to do paste-ups or outdoor work, and where would be the best place to see some of your street art right now? 

Yes, when we came out of the 1st lockdown I did some paste-ups in Shoreditch which are still hanging in there and I have also done some paste-ups locally in Hastings.

If you could collaborate with any living creative person who would it be and why? 

I would love to collaborate with Grace Jones on one of her stage sets. I don't think anyone tops her with stage presence and anarchic fun. When I saw her last year I was mesmerised by how brilliant she is. 

What is bubbling under in the art scene in your area? 

Hastings and St Leonards have so many creatives. Check out Stella Dore Gallery @stelladoregallery in St Leonards and the arts festival Coastal Currents @coastalcurrentsfestival that takes place annually in October.

Warhol Biting Bitch

Are you a fan of the Christmas season? What’s your favourite, or worst thing about Christmas? 

Am not a huge fan of the commercial side of Christmas but it does punctuate a milestone in Winter and after that, we're on the run-up to spring!
What music have you been listening to in lockdown? 

Throughout lockdown, I loved tuning into Jarvis Cocker's, Domestic Disco live streams on a Saturday night on Instagram. It got me up and dancing in my front room.
What can we expect from Shuby in 2021? 

It's hard to predict where inspiration will come from but expect silk screen prints from my new studio set up, possibly on anything that doesn't move and plenty of colourful, experimental backgrounds and layers. 

Shuby in her Studio

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