Art for the 99% – A Manifesto

If you look at all great artists, especially the dead ones, it is cheap art that made them successful. Sure their original pieces might have sold for millions – and if they were lucky, while they were still alive. But that is not what made them popular.

Warhol, Picasso, and Rothko’s pieces might hang in great galleries but the way most people experience their work is via books and reproduction copies.

Van Gough’s popularity didn’t come about because someone paid millions for his Sunflowers, but because cheap copies of his famous vase of flowers adorned a million walls and other merchandise.

So herein lies a paradox. Most people’s experience of art is not the real thing – in fact, it is usually a pretty second rate experience.

There are currently three ways to experience great art:

  1. You can buy it. But to be able to do that, you need to be one of the 1%, and the chances are you will stash it in a vault where no one gets to see it.
  2. You can see it in a public art gallery, but you are not allowed to touch it or get too close. You will be scrutinized by guards, and the chances are there are thirty people between you and it waving their camera phones.
  3. Or you can buy a print or a book, perhaps even a t-shirt, whatever, that may capture the image, but doesn’t capture the texture, material and most importantly the essence of the original. In fact, in many cases these reproductions are really bad – the colours aren’t right, the material is poor, there is no texture or visceral experience

We plan to change that.

Making and production techniques have changed. The ability to find audiences and ship products worldwide has changed.

Our goal is to get great original, yet affordable art into the hands of people who will appreciate it. To provide the ability for anyone to have a unique, unusual piece of original art on their wall.

ACE is a collective of successful artists whose goal is to make and sell art to the 99% - to get thought-provoking art into the hands of everyone.