Interview with Lucy Bryant

In my latest blog, I catch up with the talented multi-media artist Lucy Bryant, who is going from strength to strength with her intricate and cleverly re-imagined pieces which provide a social commentary with just the right sort of humour.

Lucifer Rising by Haus of Lucy

Congratulations on taking the plunge and going full time as an artist. This is incredible considering the restrictions that have been in place this year. How is that working out and what advice would you give to others that are considering the change?

Thank you! I still have to pinch myself sometimes as being a full-time artist is a dream come true. When COVID hit, I worried that I would be adversely affected by the situation, but the opposite was true. I think because people were stuck at home, they were buying more art as they wanted to be able to look at nice things (or maybe even have interesting pieces on show for their Zoom calls!). Also, I am very reactive to current affairs and work very quickly, so I was able to create COVID-related pieces which seemed to resonate with people, such as my 'Miss Selfish' and 'Working From Home' ceramic figurines. I am not sure if I'm best placed to offer advice to anyone really, but what I would say is, if people are actively buying your art, then go for it. I appreciate we all have rent or mortgages to pay, so when I started out as an artist I still worked full time for a further two years before I felt confident enough to take the plunge.

Grapeful by Haus of Lucy
Grapeful by Haus of Lucy 

When we last caught up earlier in the year during the lockdown, you were producing a lot of work that was influenced by COVID and the situation we all found ourselves in. What are you currently working on and what can we look forward to seeing from you for the remainder of 2020?

I'm still creating pieces which are reacting to the situation and just this week, with the tighter restrictions coming in, I have been commissioned to make two more of my panic buying figurines. I'm also working on my gimpy pieces which I really enjoy making; I mean, who wouldn't love a gimped up Owl & Pussycat on their mantelpiece? I'm still working on many prints and with my latest, I have taken a painting by Jean-Baptiste-Camille of a mother and daughter walking in a field and I've added in political feminist banners which as well as being in direct contrast to the status of women in 1872, brings the painting bang up to date. With Christmas on the horizon, I'm also going to be producing more china plates which will make great presents and hopefully make people smile, which is what we need right now!

The owl and the pussycat - Haus of Lucy
The Owl and The Pussycat by Haus of Lucy

We are seeing Haus of Lucy participating a lot of interesting art shows at the moment, tell us a little about them and how you got involved?

So many physical events have been cancelled this year, but some are still going ahead, so I'll be exhibiting some of my 'darker' pieces in an exhibition with Paxton Glew down in Brighton for Halloween which I'm really excited about. I have a zombie child, a black metal band and a decapitated man amongst other pieces on show! I was chosen for this exhibition because a lot of my work is dark in theme and fits in well with Halloween. I'd be happy if it was Halloween every month, I love it! I was handpicked to be part of London Craft Week which has just kicked off, so I'll have five pieces on show in the Quadrant Arcade, Regent St with them. Holly Wood, the curator of LCW found me on Instagram, which is where many people discover my work, and she got in touch with me directly. Then in November, Enter Gallery in Brighton are doing a timed release to coincide with Brighton Fringe Festival and I will have a print as part of that. My contribution is a painting of Mary, mother of Jesus, trying to work from home whilst juggling the baby Jesus and his mate, Saint John. Sadly, I was also due to take part in a group show in November with some other amazing artists but we have decided to postpone until next year.
Who is your ‘one to watch’ right now?

She's already being watched, but it would have to be Sarah Maple. I absolutely love her perspective on life and society and I hope to collaborate with her one day.


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