Stay Home & Make Art: Free Art Print Colouring Sheets

We are living in incredibly strange times and for many of us, staying home is the new norm. We have loved seeing the fantastic rainbows that children have been creating and displaying in their windows to boost the morale of passers-by so we thought we'd ask the ACE artists to create some colouring-in sheets that can be used by both children and adults alike, in the same way.

We are delighted to present the first batch of our feel-good, morale-boosting colouring-in sheets, lovingly created by ACE Club artists Heath Kane, Shuby, Adam Bridgland and Bench Allen.

There are four images in total. At the top left, we have 'Stay Safe & Swell' by Bench Allen. Top right is ' Every Morning I've Got A New Chance' by Adam Bridgland. Bottom left 'Your Banana Needs You' by Shuby and last but most definitely not least is 'Rich Enough To Be Batman' by ACE Club co-founder Heath Kane.

These images depict some of the artist's most iconic prints and are for you to personalise and get creative with at home. These ace colouring sheets are completely free - the artist's gifts to you.

So go on, battle the lock-down boredom, download your sheets and get colouring.

Click on the links below to open the images in pdf format in your browser. You will be able to download or print them from there. 

Click here for Stay Safe & Swell by Bench Allen
Click here for Every Morning I've Got A New Chance by Adam Bridgland
Click here for Your Banana Needs You by Shuby
Click here for Rich Enough To Be Batman by Heath Kane (Colour me in urban master series)

Have fun! We'd love to see your fabulous creations, if you can, please share them with us on Instagram at @byaceclub.

And watch this space - we hope to release more in the coming weeks.

Take care everyone