The Art of Staying Home: Adam Bridgland

As the lockdown continues in its current form here in the UK, we continue our series of interviews with the ACE Club artists. This week we caught up with contemporary artist Adam Bridgland to find out how he is coping with the situation and to find out a little about his life indoors.

The Art of Staying Home: Adam Bridgland

What have you been doing during the lockdown? What is your current day like?

Wake, Coffee, Dishwasher, homeschooling, studio, homeschooling, walk, studio, beer, collapse, repeat.

Has your approach to working changed during the lockdown?

It has been a strangely liberating experience working in the home studio, much of my time before was spent travelling between Cambridge and London. I have spent much of the time trying to take stock of the work I had made over the last year.  April was supposed to see the opening of my first solo show for 2 years.  As with many of my solo exhibitions, they are a full stop to a body of work.  With that taken away, it has been interesting to have more time to access this work and then start to think about the next chapter.  I have also been reevaluating work that has sat in the studio for a little while.  Some of the work again through fresh eyes has started new conversations in my practice to then move forward with.  With my very simple set up of a board and two screen print claps I have been making simple monoprints and two/three colour prints, really to keep everything ticking over.

Our beautiful isolation - Adam Bridgland

What is your personal style and does it reflect in your style of work?

At the moment it is jog pants with socks and sandals - I am not sure if is reflecting in the work just yet but give it time.

 What’s your favourite piece of art in your home and why?

I own a few Eduardo Paolozzi works so it is probably one of those, such a great and underrated artist.

If you could own any piece of art at all, what would it be?

So tricky but it probably has to be an early Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008), maybe Buffalo II* from 1964?

*This painting sold almost a year ago at Christie's in New York for the princely sum of USD 88,805,000 

A lot of parents are looking for interesting art projects to do with with the kids - do you have any tips you could share?

I think to keep the activities simple, colourful and fun.  If you can involve working outside too that is a great way of entertaining and getting some much-needed air and space.  I have been making signs with my children and placing them in the landscape.  You want to try and get across at an early stage that art can be anything.

Out To Sea Sign - Adam Bridgland

What’s your favourite way to spend a Sunday morning?

I haven’t really had a Sunday morning for about 10 years but I suppose just really getting out in the wilderness and discovering something new with my family.


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