The Art of Staying Home: David Bray

It's now week 9. There has been a little easing of the rules but essentially here in the UK, we are still in lockdown, whatever that means for each of us. We recently caught up with one of the long-standing ACE Club artists, David Bray to find out how things are with him. Read on for the fourth instalment in our series 'The Art of Staying Home'.

The Art of Staying Home: David Bray

How's the lockdown been for you?

Not much has changed really. Been living as a hermit in the countryside for the last 7 years, so was quite isolated.
Only now I have company 24/7 as my wife is now working at home. I’m making more cups of tea than I’m used to.

Has your approach to work changed?

The only thing that has changed is its a bit more squashed, as we’ve had to fit another desk into the living room so we can both work.

Talk us through a typical day

Wake up about 8, have some breakfast. Then boil a kettle every hour on the hour.

Lunch at 1

Exercise about 5. Although I’ve managed to damage the tendons in my foot doing that, so its on hold for a bit. I’m hobbling around groaning a lot. Exercise isn’t good for you.

I used to head out a few times a week to paint, but that's not happening. Read about remote viewing in a Jon Ronson book. I’m trying that! Painting a landscape from internal memory, rather than being stood in a damp field.

Landscape by David Bray

What is your style like at home? Do you collect anything in particular?

It's quite eclectic. If knackered is a style, then it's that. Don’t really collect anything now. When I was a child, I got obsessed with collecting things. Smurfs. Snoopy. Football stickers.

The only thing I collect now is aches and pains.

What's your favourite piece of art at home and why?

We have a painting of an old pub sign above our fireplace. From an old pub called 'The Prince Louis' in Dover. Very majestic. Knackered. Which fits in nicely with our style.

Reminds me of the good old days of going out on a Friday night and getting home Monday morning. I could do that back then.

What's your favourite way to spend Sunday?

Lay in followed by a long leisurely walk by the sea followed by a  slow-cooked roast. I’m knocking on a bit, so days of full-on partying are long gone.

It used to involve a lot of bottles of wine, but without the wine, Monday doesn’t feel so horrible.

What have you missed most during the lockdown?

The sea.

Landscape2 by David Bray

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