Twice as good

It feels like an age ago that we had the original spark that would become the ACE Club, but it’s less than a year. Since then things have moved fast. What started out as a group of artists deciding to stage their own show has now become a movement.

Our original idea was born out of frustration with the traditional gallery system. We felt we could do something more experiential and creative – and in doing so bring something better to the world. Our concept is simple – bring together the best artists and exhibit the work as part of an event rather than an exhibition. Most importantly, make it a fun experience that everyone can be part of.

From its inception, this formula has proven to work and now we are dialling it up to make it twice as good for our second major event - ACE / 2 

Not only have we doubled the number of artists, this time we’re mixing in some amazing live music for the closing night party. This is something you do not want to miss.

Confirmed artists for this show include:
Andrew Millar, Adam Bridgland, Dave Buonguidi, David Bray, Emma Elliott, Alexandra Gallagher, Eve de Haan, Heath Kane, Ian Wolter, Jessica Albarn, Pam Glew, Pure Evil, Rugman, RYCA, Sara Pope, Schoony, Shuby, Cosmo Sarson, Tim Fowler, Victoria Topping, Wild Cat Will Blanchard 

ACE / 2 takes place on the 28-29th Nov 2018 at the Candid Arts Centre in London.