Welcome Joe Webb to the club

We are thrilled to welcome artist Joe Webb to the club. Joe lives and works in Brighton, UK. He tackles issues such as the environment, war, inequality - and questions our place in the universe asking us to become more aware, conscious and content. His original collages and prints can be found in the collections of Coldplay, Eric Cantona, The Madden Brothers and Janelle Monae.

Joe Webb Artist

Hi Joe, thanks for chatting to Ace Club.  Please introduce yourself to those who may not know you.

Hi I’m Joe Webb a collage artist, and painter.

How did you become involved with ACE Club?

Rugman asked me, I met him a few years back at Jealous Gallery where we were both working on some prints. He invited me to take part in the ACE Club events at Old Spitalfields Market, which were going really well  - until lockdown happened!

What inspired you to get into art and what advise would you give to aspiring artists in order to get their work out there?

I was always an artist as a young kid and went the whole art school route. Advice would be, develop your own authentic style, and then once you are happy with it, start using social media, approaching galleries and entering competitions - there are loads of opportunities nowadays if you look. Invent your own future, don’t expect galleries to come to you. 

On The Road by Joe Webb

What are you currently working on and has your approach changed in light of the lockdown?

Working much the same as normal, artists work in isolation mostly anyway! I’ve made a new affordable print called ‘A Room With A View’ which reflects lockdown, looking out of the window wondering when we can get out again.

What's your favourite piece of art from your own collection of work?

Stirring Up A Storm, a piece about the human's impact on the Earth/environmental damage.

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be?

Peter Doig!


Visit Joe's store on ACE Club here


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