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We are delighted to welcome Patrick Morales-Lee to ACE Club. An artist and illustrator from Kent. His notable commissions have been in collaboration with Faberge, Channel 5, Bentley and ITV. And recently exhibited a piece in Pavement Lickers 2018, alongside artists, including Antony Gormley, Karl Bielik, Will Martyr, VHILS and FAILE.
Patrick Morales-Lee artist


Please introduce yourself to those who don’t know you

I’m Patrick, an artist and illustrator living down in Kent.

Which came first art or illustrations? Do you ever see yourself dedicating yourself to just one discipline or are you happy blurring the lines between the two?

Well I did a fine art degree, so I guess that speaks volumes. I’ve only made tracks as an illustrator in the last few years, but I’ve really enjoyed it so far, my illustrations are very drawing based, so its not a huge leap. Currently its a nice balance between the two. 


Patrick Morales-Lee drawing on table


Tell us about your interest in portraits? How do you go about sourcing models? What characteristics are you looking for?

The work is very personal to me, the portraits are in essence self portraits. The work is about identity and belief, the portraits look to showcase a snapshot scenario – a soft narrative to a given situation, process or ceremony. These scenarios could be, on the one hand, unsettling or odd, but to others comforting and familiar. Often the figure depicted is within a ceremony of sorts, i’m very inspired by ‘communion’ the idea of transformation, taking on something new, be that the belief of it being; the body and blood of christ. I call this ‘active belonging’, the idea that people will participate physically and mental in an action, a ceremony to show to themselves, to show to others that they believe, that there is meaning in the process, meaning to their own life. This whole idea is a foil to explore my own feelings to identity, as I was fostered at the age of three and have always wondered what is the make up of myself.

I source models mainly from social media streams, putting out adverts and seeing what comes back. I try to be quite instinctive when it comes to choosing people to pose for the work, it's just about a feeling.

What’s next for you as an artist? Where would you like to see your work developing?

I have my first limited edition screen print coming out in September, so very excited about that. As for the work itself, I kinda feel I’m just at the starting point with my ideas, I’d like to eventually work larger, having groups of people within the frame, creating a more complex narrative.


Patrick Morales-Lee paintings


Do you get inspiration from other artists? If so who? And if not, where does your inspiration come from?

I'm constantly looking at other artists, I feel its so important to get out there and see art as often as possible. At the moment I’m totally obsessed with a the painter Michael Borremans. I’m also finding big inspiration with the movement The Church of the Latter Day Saints, the garments the women wear are fascinating to me, very old fashioned and almost a uniform for them, but from a visual, aesthetic point of view, they are utterly beautiful.

What made you want to be part of ACE?

I exhibited with a couple of members of ACE last year in another exhibition, which was a brilliant experience. It was clear we had a similar outlook and visual taste, so when I found out about ACE, it seemed liked a logical step to get in touch. I think the idea of a collective of artist can be very powerful, I’m looking forward to what we can all do together.


Patrick Morales-Lee Cross Over artwork


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