Famous for 15 seconds


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Famous for 15 seconds
Famous for 15 seconds

Original painting part of Heath's Portrait of Heroes collection

Medium: Multimedia and acrylic on canvas
Size: 960x1200mm
Year: 2019

Andy Warhol famously said “in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” What he was referring to the rising impact that TV and broadcast media was having on society at the time.

Perhaps if Warhol were alive today he would say that everyone will be famous for 15 seconds, before our attention is taken away by a new message, digital notification or social media post.

Today we all have the ability to live our lives through social media. We jostle to portray seemingly perfect lifestyles, broadcasting ourselves to potentially millions, in the hope of more ‘likes’, more adulation, more momentary hits of joy.

But how much of what we share is real and how much are we trying to heroise our lives?”

If art provides our future sense of history, in two hundred years, will our era of perfect selfies, filtered portraits, and staged videos fool people into believing that we were living in a golden age?

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Famous for 15 seconds
Famous for 15 seconds

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