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66 x 52cm Framed.
Pencil and acrylic paint. 2019.
'Feast' - there are many meanings to this word, the idea that the ceremony the women is par taking in, is literally a feast of food, which is a common theme in many religious ceremonies. Yet, it could also be read that she herself is the feast, a visual feast to be metaphorically tucked in to or even actually sacrificed. I love the idea of transformation, being reborn, cleansed, I'm obsessed with 'communion', the body and blood of christ, it has such a strong visual punch, yet it is considered very familiar and normal. The drawing 'Feast' looks to play with this idea of transformation, to show willing to give yourself over to something that is intangible. The red has an obvious connotation to the blood of christ, but I see it more as the women's own blood, fighting her own battle.

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