Red Plate


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Red Plate

2 colour screenprint.
50 x 35cm
Edition of 10.
The title was loosely inspired by the following. According to Latter Day Saint belief, the golden plates are the source from which Joseph Smith said he translated the Book of Mormon, a sacred text of the faith. I took this as inspiration, the red circle become a visual plate, the connection to something higher.

The print itself, started as a drawing, I wanted to create an everyday ceremony, which reflected the ease that people pray. By replacing the act of clasping hands, generally the most common way people pray, with placing a handkerchief on top of the head, highlights the oddness of such a common act. Equally I want to play on the idea of comfort from such an act. Often we touch our heads in moments of stress, as its comforting, it’s a sub conscious tic which harks back to being a baby, a child, when our heads were often caressed and kissed to sooth and comfort. People pray for comfort, to alleviate moments of worry, I wanted to physically embrace this idea with handkerchief.

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Red Plate

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